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Why Sweating is such a Vital Tool for Health

When you haven’t sweated for 2 weeks and the spots come out.

The liver, your detoxification organ will throw out toxicity via the 3rd kidney the skin in order to take the load off its job of cleansing your system which it is doing every single day. Hence why I call it the busy manager.
But it’s best helped in this process by hydration with lashings of water and regular sweating which helps the lymph which has no natural pump to remove waste collected from the cells.
So rather than sending it back to the liver to be dealt with, the load has been taken off this organ.
As you sweat you are also giving your skin a zinc bath which helps to keep it glowing.
Sweating works differently from simply the liver sending waste out when struggling.
It’s helping move the lymphatic system and clearing it in a more effective way.
The skin is connected to the colon in Chinese medicine as well as the lungs and mind.
When the colon your waste disposal unit is working well all waste should come out this root.
When its struggling or blocked waste will back up and the liver the manager will send it out via the skin.
This is why any homeopath/naturopath when looking at skin troubles whether its eczema rashes or acne will immediately ask about your colon.
Everyday we need to help the body remove waste.
Like trying to flush a toilet without water waste get retained if dehydrated.
For women like me, when you don’t have a root out via the monthly menses to remove excess inflammation causing sodium, your liver has to work harder. So after the menopause women really need to support their liver as much as possible and sweating is vital.
Health is all about supporting the roots of elimination
For men it’s the prostate.

Its all connected.  This is the naturopthic way.

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